Common Challenges Include:

*Jumping up on people

*Pulling on the leash during walks


*Unwanted barking


*Potty training


I provide customized, one on one training in your home teaching you to train your dog. 


I can help you teach basic cues like down, go to your bed, wait, leave it, touch a target and more!

I've had many clients who just got a new dog or puppy and just wanted some basic training tips to get them started.

Are you looking to fast track your dog with training? I am now offering packages. I will come to your home to work on specific skills with your dog. After an agreed number of sessions, I will then transfer those skills to you so you continue to train your dog beginning at a higher level.

My first session rate starts at $95.00 for a one hour training session in your home or outside including email support and personalized follow up notes.


Any further training sessions are $75.00 an hour. Email support and notes also included.