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"Cynthia is so great! We got a new puppy and he was doing his business in the house, barking at strangers and ran away from us. Cynthia gave us some great training tips in just one day that made a world of difference." -Yaz

"Cynthia has been instrumental in helping get our puppy off to a good start. She had so many ideas to help us manage his energy." -Lauren

"After working on the things Cynthia showed us we are thrilled with the quick progress Macky is making." -Carolyn

"Cynthia was very professional and gave us many training tools to help us with our new dog. She was clear, showed us how to perform a skill, and then watched as we did it. We had her back for several sessions as our dog got older and we had new challenges. She gave more than one idea on how to solve a problem. I highly recommend her!" -Tanja

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