I'm happy to report that you can teach an old dog new tricks! Koda was 10 years old when I began clicker training with her. A clicker is a device that makes a "click" sound telling the dog that's exactly the behavior requested. She picked it up fast and loved it when I pulled out the clicker to work with her. She and I developed a deeper relationship through clicker training and I can't recommend it highly enough. It really works! I'm excited to help other dog owners develop a deeper understanding of their dogs through clicker training.

I followed my passion for all things dog related by becoming a personal dog trainer. After volunteering at Seattle Humane 

for two years I discovered a love of dog training. Eager to learn more I took all the classes offered. Then my dog, Koda, and I were accepted to the Karen Pryor Academy Certified Dog Training program. I am ready to  help others become clicker savvy. I continue to volunteer at the shelter doing dog assessments, helping with the behavior program and teaching classes.


Quick Summary of Services Offered:

--Personal, hands on training in your home and follow up e-mail support

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